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Best Time to Visit Playa del Carmen According to Weather by Month

The weather in Playa del Carmen is one of the first things travelers think about before going on a trip. Once we know what the weather is going to be like, it is time to start searching for the best activities and time of the year to travel.


Average weather temperature: 68-83°F

January is the perfect time for people that prefer less humidity and want to escape the cold like those living in England, the USA, Canada, and Russia. The weather in Playa del Carmen certainly isn’t cold, but this is one of the most refreshing months compared with other months in the year.

Young people from all over the world like to come to Playa del Carmen during this time of year do to music festivals every day and night. You can discover these festivals just by visiting 5th Avenue, which you can easily get to do with a free bike rental from Sandos Playacar or by a 15-minute taxi ride from Sandos Caracol.

Suppose you’re a food-lover who enjoys exploring new culinary trends. In that case, you’ll find the most exquisite and creative vegan food in Tulum and the rest of the Riviera Maya, especially during the Tulum Vegan Fest between January 27th – 29th; you’ll love the Tulum Vegan Fest.


Average weather temperature: 73-83°F

If you are looking to spend one of the most romantic months of the year in paradise, this is the perfect time for honeymooners and couples to visit Playa del Carmen. All the local restaurants (including Sandos restaurants) prepare Valentine’s Day events with special decorations, romantic concerts, and moonlight dinners.


Average weather temperature: 73-77°F

The perfect time to feel the beautiful spring breeze mix with the ocean air—a time where the waves are relaxing, and the ocean’s blue color is absolutely radiant.

Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar have an endless amount of activities. In March, it is the time for Latin America’s Holy Week holidays and sometimes Easter Break, which means more people are on vacation, especially families.

Adventures can be found from Cancun all the way down to Bacalar, with everybody organizing festivals for the arrival of spring. In fact, Chichen Itza is a must-visit in March since they have music, hot air balloons, and symbolic ceremonies for the Spring Equinox.


Average weather temperature: 73-88°F

In April, temperatures start to warm up, making it the perfect time for more fun activities. We recommend doubling up on sunblock before coming on vacation during April.

Rain and partly cloudy days are a possibility, and even with the lack of sun, it is still a great time to enjoy the region’s underground rivers and cenotes. We dare you to explore and find our five cenotes at Sandos Caracol! If you’re staying at Sandos Playacar, remember that you can visit Sandos Caracol any day from 11 am to 11 pm.


Average weather temperature: 73-88°F

Spring is in full swing, so you’ll need to be ready to experience some seasonal surprises. Don’t worry; we’re not talking about rain or storms, we’re talking about the beautiful sea turtles who come to visit us. There are seven local beaches in Playa del Carmen where sea turtles go to lay their eggs, and of course, these beaches are heavily protected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go see them! Our on-site tour agency, Seek and Go, can recommend the best sea turtle excursions so you can get the full Caribbean experience during your stay.


Average weather temperature: 77-90°F

Summer is coming, and temperatures can vary. Due to the more humid climate during this month, rainstorms become more likely (40%-60% chance of rain). Snorkeling and diving are perfect for these dates because of changes in humidity levels; the combination of showers and sunny skies means ocean wildlife has more fun and often likes to show off for scuba divers and snorkelers.

With warmer days, the Caribbean welcomes a giant underwater friend: the whale shark. The biggest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet long. It prefers warm water and feeds mostly on plankton. So if you want to come and see this incredible creature, we highly recommend coming during the summer.


Average weather temperature: 82-93°F

Summer has arrived, and with it, the most memorable sunrises of the year. With high temperatures and late afternoon sky turn shades of red, the Caribbean sunsets will become an iconic part of your vacation.

The weather in Playa del Carmen during July is also the ideal time to travel with kids since most of them are on summer break, so you might find a lot of good deals on nearby eco-parks, tours, and attractions in the area. The perfect time to teach your kids why traveling is so amazing!

At Sandos Caracol, July is an active month of joy and adventures at the water park, while Sandos Playacar has a special activity program for teens. Summer vacation here is sure to go above and beyond your kids’ expectations!


Average weather temperature: 82-93°F

Every single person from around the world is welcome in Playa del Carmen! Mexico is known throughout the globe for its warm hospitality and high standards for customer service. In August, we welcome many South American guests who are experiencing winter in their home countries. If that’s the case where you live and if you have some vacation time during this month, you’ll feel like you own the city during a fantastic vacation here.


Average weather temperature: 82-93°F

We have been waiting to tell you all about September because we want to eliminate some common misconceptions often associated with Playa del Carmen during these months.

It is true that September is the start of hurricane season and more rain, but one of the best things about the weather in Playa del Carmen is does it very rarely stay for too long. For example, you could be relaxing on the beach and all of a sudden, it starts to rain, well often. As soon as you get to cover to escape the rain, the sun starts to peak out, and the raining stops. Don’t worry, for long rainy days, at Sandos, we are always prepared for rainy days, with fun indoor activities for all ages.


Average weather temperature: 77-86°F

The best month for weddings and enjoying a month full of glowing stars during the night. As the nights become a bit cooler, it is the perfect time to enjoy romantic dinners on the beach, late-night stargazing, and long walks while dipping your toes in the ocean,

Experts also say that it is ideal for weddings as it is not too hot and not too cold.


Average weather temperature: 77-86°F

If you want to experience the true meaning of Mexican culture, now is the time to travel, especially during November 1st and 2nd. During these days, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead, a tradition where many Mexicans across the country celebrate the lives of those they have lost through games, food, and traditions.

At Sandos Caracol, you can find one of the biggest Day of the Dead celebrations in Playa del Carmen. We bring traditions from each state of Mexico and combine them together to show just how amazing these days are to our guests from different countries.


Average weather temperature: 77-86°F

Are you from somewhere cold, and you want to escape and have summer during the winter? Well, December is the perfect time to come. Don’t worry; we still keep up the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations and celebrations the entire month; it will still feel like December, just a bit warmer.

Well, we hope that with this information about the weather in Playa del Carmen, you can make the decision to come at the best time of the year that fits your wants and needs. Traveling to Playa del Carmen will change your life, and especially as Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar take care of you, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable vacation. If you want to visit the other side of the country, see here the best time to visit Los Cabos

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