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Whale Watching In Los Cabos

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The world is a beautiful place full of incredible places and mesmerizing creatures. Whale watching Cabo is an amazing opportunity to appreciate these majestic animals in a safe and healthy way.

Do you want to be part of one of Cabo adventures? Then get ready to see why whale watching in Cabo is the chance of a lifetime.

Cabo Whale Watching Season 2021

Whe is the best time to go whale watching in Cabo San Lucas?

When choosing the right time to participate in whale watching doesn’t only rely on the month you go, but also the time of day you do it! As they make their way down the Pacific coast from the Bering sea in Alaska during the summers, they arrive and stick around in Baja California Sur and the Baja Peninsula from December to April.

When choosing a time of day to go out and see the whales, it all depends on the type of whale watching adventure you want to experience, and here is the complete guide:

  • Early morning tours: The best time for those who want a smoother ride. During the morning, the sea of Cortez has lower winds, making the waves smaller and the visibility for seeing the whales enhanced!

  • Mid-day tours: With more boats out and about, tours during the mid-day allow for finding whales easier. The right whale guide will be able to put you in the perfect location to witness them!

  • Afternoon tours: Craving an experience like no other? Then the afternoon is the best time to go. With high tides, winds, and whale activity, this time is the best for whale watching enthusiasts.

  • Sunset tour: Sunset cruises are not only breathtaking, but also romantic should you choose to spend this tour with your loved one. Gaze upon the beautiful whales while also indulging in a sunset like no other in the world.

Do You Need To Go on a Boat for Whale Watching in Los Cabos?

Whale watching Cabo is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, but not everyone wants to go on a boat to experience it. Whether it be sea-sickness or any other reason keeping you from it, don’t worry, you still will be able to witness it.

You can definitely see the whales from the shore, the experience may not be as exciting, but it is still astonishing. We recommend packing some binoculars and ask the experts at Sandos Finisterra for the best spots to see them!

What Kind of Whale Will You See?

There are two types of whales that migrate, gray whales and (the most prominent) humpback whales. A fun fact about humpback whales is that they make quite a splash as they grow up to 60 feet and weigh up to 40 tons!

These two whales are giant, and they like to show off, similar to other whales such as blue whales. Whale watching Cabo is so extravagant because of the way they jump out of the water, seemingly greeting the spectators; just make sure to bring a raincoat.

Zodiac Whale Watching Cabo San Lucas

Whale tours in Los Cabos are marvelous, but smaller Cabo expeditions make it much more interactive. Zodiacs are a small boat that can fit up to 15 people and are the ideal option for seeing as many whales as you can handle. Why choose a Zodiac whale watching tour?

  • Zodiacs are the fastest boats for this excursion

  • They have cushy bench seats

  • Accept enthusiasts 5 years and older

  • Ran by experienced captains both on the sea of Cortez and with whale information.

The Guide to Being Prepared for Whale Watching

This adventure is astounding, but you need to be prepared so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

What to Wear

  • Warm layers (Especially for Morning Tours)

  • A Hat to protect yourself from the sun

  • Stable shoes that you won’t mind getting wet

  • Rain jacket and/or windbreaker

What to Bring

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Binoculars

  • Reusable water bottle

The Best Los Cabos Accommodations When Whale Watching

Whale watching Cabo is exciting, but you are going to want the best and nothing less to lay your head, indulge in fun and relaxation and eat the best food in Los Cabos. Sandos Finisterra is the ideal option for all ages of travelers. If you do not want to leave the resort to see the whales, don’t worry because Sandos Finisterra also boats a whale-watching bar, perfect for having a delicious cocktail and witnessing them from the comfort of the resort!

Situated on a grand beach within walking distance of the marine and within driving distance of the Magdalena Bay (the perfect location for whale watching), unbeatable services and amenities await you after a day on the sea whale watching. Wanting to experience another beautiful natural moment? Witness the hatching of turtles in Los Cabos.

Book today, and you can be a part of this breathtaking opportunity and save big while doing it. So, are you ready to embark on an adventure?


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